Commercial and Domestic Removals

Book Removal Companies In Advance

Many people leave booking their removal company until they are close to the removal date. This is a mistake and you should avoid this at all costs. Waiting to book the removal company could mean that the company is unavailable on the date that you want. If this is the case, you will need to look for a different company and they might be more expensive or not offer the same level of service.


It is important that you book the removal company as soon as you know when you are going to move and have a rough estimate of how much you are moving. This ensures that your first choice company will be able to complete your move. Booking far in advance will also be cheaper in most cases.


Have The Removal Company View Your Goods

If you are going to be moving a lot of items it could be a good idea to have the removal company take a look. It is possible to set up a viewing with most removal companies and this will help them determine the transport size they need to bring. It also helps them to provide you with a more accurate estimate of the costs. The more items you are going to be moving, the more it is going to cost you.


A viewing may also be required if you are going to move your possessions long-distance. Long-distance removal companies may want to pack your items themselves to ensure that they are secure. This is why they will want to view the items to determine how long it will take to pack and what they need to bring with them.


Consider The Access

When it comes to removals, you need to consider how the company is gaining access to your items. Will you need the removal company to move items down the stairs? In some cases, this could cost you extra and you need to be prepared for this.


Whether you’re a student preparing to move into your new digs, a parent planning to move with your growing family, or the director of a company relocating to a new office, the moving process can seem like a military operation if you don’t have the relevant training and equipment!


If you’re getting ready to move, there’s no need to struggle alone. Consulting a professional removals company can make things that much easier. A and B Easy Move is a well-established removals specialist based in Coventry. We offer a prompt, affordable removal and clearance service catering to both commercial and private clients.

If you hire our removal services, our friendly, capable team will be on hand to support you from start to finish. First, we will arrange a time for our assessor to visit your property and discuss your removal requirements. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will provide you with a competitive quote for the work. This consultation will not be required for smaller moves involving only a few items.


To make the process even easier, a full packing service is available for a small charge. On the day of your move, each item in your inventory will be carefully and appropriately packed and secured by our team. Should you choose to do your own packing, we will supply cartons at no extra cost. Once we arrive at your new place, our team will unpack your belongings and carry everything inside, helping you to get settled in.


Over the years, we have helped many residents and businesses in Coventry through the removal process. Thanks to the care, attention to detail and first-class service offered to every client, the majority of our work comes through recommendation.


So, if you are based in the Coventry area and searching for a reliable, affordable removal service, A and B Easy Move is the company to call! Get in touch with us today on 02476 474 160 or 07944 625 489 to request your free, no obligation quote. We hope to be of service to you soon!


The A and B Easy Move Team

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